Temp Tats

The Temp Ink Tats are made with the newest temp tat technology. We have many varieties and sizes for anywhere on the body. Every order comes with one free Test Tat, so you get to try your hand at applying a tat before you put on your desired tattoo. The Temp Ink Tats are very easy to apply and very easy to remove. They are put on with water and the best way to remove them is with scotch tape. Just stick the tape on top of the tattoo and peel the tape away. The tattoo will come with it.

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Temp Tat Application Instructions

(You can test these instructions on your free "test tat")

Temp Tat Application Instructions

  1. Peel the clear layer away from the color side of your tattoo.
  2. Place the color side down on your skin.
  3. Hold it in place.
  4. Get the paper side quite wet.
  5. Wait about 10 or 20 seconds and slide the paper away.

Temp Tat Removal Instructions

The best way to remove your temp tat is with scotch tape.

  1. Place the tape (sticky side on the tat) over your a section/strip of the tat.
  2. Remove the tape.
  3. The tattoo will come off along with the tape.
  4. Repeat section by section until the whole tat is removed.

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