Charlie models an “ARRAY” formula for my TWEED MODEL Waking State Amplifier

Here are the instructions for the Decal Temporary Tattoos:

  1. Peel the TRANSPARENT layer off the decal.
  2. PLACE the decal EXACTLY where you want it. It cannot be moved after placement.
  3. WET the decal on the white back for about 30 seconds. The backing will slide off easily when it’s ready to separate. Do not force it or peel it off. Let the water do all the work.
  4. To REMOVE the decal, use Scotch brand MAGIC TAPE. Place the tape on the decal and peel off as you would do a waxing. Do not place decals on hairy or sensitive areas of skin.

These decals are intended for Spiritual Applications. Use the TEST DECAL included in your purchase package to determine if you have sensitivity to this product, which has been dermatologically tested and determined safe for general use.

A possible CHOKING HAZARD exists with the very small tattoos, the ones under 5 inches in width, and even those could be chewed, gummed and even swallowed, with some practice.

Always use common sense in handling decals and use caution and personal supervision when handing them out or to, or using them with, small children.

Parental Guidance is a MUST when applying decals to tots and toddlers. The official position is: don’t leave them on for more than a few hours.

Some folks have reported wearing them for more than a month. I do not recommend this method of saving money.

Decals can be applied over or partially over other decals, but it is not advised. Best plan is to use each decal in a clear, hair-free and non-sensitive area. That may or may not include the face, depending on your skin’s reaction to foreign material — the adhesive is very foreign, and it really is a good idea to test your skin with a small tattoo before committing to a body-full of TempTats.

The original concept behind these decals is CHANGE. The fact that you can totally change your body’s SURFACE INFORMATION is the key to making these work for you in your spiritual pathways through space-time and beyond.

Using these decals WILL ALTER your body’s INFORMATION LAYER. This may have effects in your life. Don’t wish for something unless you really want it.

These decals are intended as specific BODY INFORMATION LAYER alterations, and if used in ritual, should follow the usage intended.

I take no responsibility whatever for your decisions.

My recommendation has always been to make wise choices.

Of course, if sex rears its ugly head, all bets are off on “wise choices”.

I’m off now, to make another entry or two in Life as a Boy, on

See You At The Top!!!